Madison's Story

Madison Reynolds was born with lissencephaly, a rare genetic condition that causes the brain to not form correctly. Instead of having the typical folds and creases within the brain, those diagnosed with this condition have brains that appear smooth.  Although it can vary greatly depending on the malformation, Madison was born with her brain severely affected.  Madison suffered from seizures, was non-ambulatory, non-verbal, tube-fed, and never passed the 3-6 month old developmental milestones.  

Because Madison was in a wheelchair there were many things she could not do but anytime she was able to feel motion she was happy.  She loved amusement park rides, swinging in swings, riding in boats, going for bike rides, and being pushed in her wheelchair on runs and walks.

When we lost our sweet girl in 2018 we wanted to find a way to honor her life and celebrate the things that she taught us. From that dream, Miles 4 Madison was born. Our mission is to help the whole family to get outside and enjoy the little things, we want to help families financially with the things that insurance just does not cover, whether that is adaptive play equipment, financial support to take that family outing, or grants to get local parks more inclusive -  please reach out to us we want to help. 

If you would like to help support our cause, please join us for our signature fundraiser, Miles 4 Madison presented each fall by Sterling Ranch CAB and other events throughout the year.