We celebrated the groundbreaking of the first inclusive park in Sterling Ranch. Miles 4 Madison has been critical in calling for this park to be inclusive, securing funding, and designing this park. We were excited to celebrate this groundbreaking and have additional information available here.


Our Miles 4 Madison 2024 Rocky Mountain Village scholarship has been accepted. Click here to learn more about the program and one of our recipients!


2023 Was a huge success, and we have much more planned for 2024, we hope you are able to join us as we start a new campaign to make sure every child has access to a playground that fits their needs!


Thank you all for a fantastic 2022. Please read about the past year and see what we have planned for the next year!


Joshua Early Childhood Center

Last month we were able to deliver over $1,000 worth of new playground equipment to the Joshua Early Childhood Center in Centennial Colorado. We hope the kids are able to  play with this new equipment for years to come! Thank you to the Joshua Early Childhood Center for all the great work you do in our community. We hope that we can continue to work with you in the futre!


Dia de los muertos!

We are so excited to have attended the Douglas County Community Foundation's Dia De Los Muertos Gala. It was a great opportunity to share Madison's story, connect with other nonprofits in our area and understand what a positive impact the DCCF has on our community (We also won some items at the live auction). We are looking forward to working more with the DCCF!